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Famous Flowers from the Land of Kashmir

The land of Kashmir is famous for the lofty Himalayas, green valleys, lakes, gardens, and a variety of flowers that add to the scenic beauty of this state. During the spring and summers, when the flowers bloom, this land blessed with rich flora, looks like paradise. Here is a list of some of the famous flowers of Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian Lotus

The national flower of India, also known as the water lily, this flower is called Pamposh in Jammu and Kashmir and is its state flower. It is found in central and northern India, grows in the flood plains of rivers and delta areas. Lotus plants are known to have been cultivated since thousands of years for their edible seeds. They are also grown in water gardens.


Siraj Bagh, located at the foothills of the Zabarwan range in Srinagar, is the largest tulip garden in Asia. During the spring season, when the tulips fully bloom, travellers the world over visit this garden. Tulips are large and brightly coloured and popular as ornamental garden plants and cut flowers.

Saffron Crocus

Saffron extracted from the filaments growing in this flower, is the most precious spice. This flowering plant species is best known for saffron, a spice that has been in use for thousands of years. This perennial plant flowers in autumn. Most of the saffron in Kashmir is grown in Pampore, a town to the south of Srinagar.

Kashmiri Iris

It is a rhizomatous perennial plant from Kashmir. Native to tropical Asia, it is found in India in Kashmir and Jammu, where it is known as Mazarmund. The colours of this flower are white, cream, lilac, lavender, pale blue or blue-purple.

Kashmiri Rose

This is a lightly fragrant, red coloured flower native to Asia. This is a flowering shrub plant species and these roses bloom from spring to fall. In Kashmir, this flower is known as Koshur gulab.

Himalayan Indigo

It is a deciduous shrub with purple pea-like flowers that bloom in summer. These flowers also come in shades of lilac and pink. It is mostly grown as an ornamental plant and is native to north-western Himalayas of Tibet. The Kashmiri name of this flower is Kanhchu.


North-eastern states of India and Kashmir are good for the cultivation of carnations. They require high intensity sunlight during winter and mild summers. They can be classified as single (5 petals), semi-double (30-60 petals) and double (100-350 petals).


Known as Yemberzal in Kashmir, and also called Narcissus, daffodils symbolize beauty and the start of spring. They appear in the literature of Kashmir. These plants are long-living perennials that flower in spring. Daffodils are known to have been grown since very early times and have medicinal uses.


The species Atropa acuminata, known as Indian belladonna or maitbrand, is native to the Himalayas, mostly found in the region from Balochistan to Kashmir. This plant is poisonous and finds application in medicine.


It is said that due to the growing requirement for marigold flowers at the Vaishno Devi and other temples, the cultivation of marigold plants was taken up in Jammu in Kashmir. Farmers in Bhadarwah have started growing yellow marigold and exporting the flowers in huge numbers. These yellow bloom from May to November. They are used in most Indian festivals and in temples. The Kashmiri name of this flower is Jaffer.

Other famous flowers in Jammu and Kashmir include the following.

  • Hyacinths (Sumbal in Kashmiri)
  • Jasmines (Hee Posh in Kashmiri)
  • Periwinkles (Sadabahaar in Kashmiri)
  • Dandelions (Handri in Kashmiri)
  • Lilies (Nilofer or white water lilies are found around the lakes in Kashmir).
  • Sunflowers (Gule Aftab in Kashmiri)

Kashmir’s flowers have culinary and medicinal uses, some of them have cultural significance and many of them are exported to different parts of the world. These flowers paint the landscape of Kashmir in vibrant colours and their fragrance fills the air. These beautiful blooms are a visual treat for nature lovers and photographers. Visiting the state of Jammu and Kashmir during the flowering season is an unmissable experience.

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