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Kashmir Travel: Offbeat places in Pahalgam

While some love to mingle among the crowds, few prefer traveling to places of quiet and solitude, and where the only person they’ll connect with is themselves. Pahalgam, which itself is a popular destination, has a few such offbeat places that are sure to satisfy those who love to wander, venture into the woods. tread paths less traveled, and visit places less frequented by people. Let’s look at four such offbeat places in Pahalgam.

4 Offbeat Places in Pahalgam

These places are as popular as every other place in Pahalgam. But they are slightly offbeat because they are bit different from others, especially those thronged by tourists in very large numbers. Secondly, do other tourists also visit these places? Yes. They do. So, you wouldn’t necessarily expect yourself to be completely alone at such places unless it isn’t the best time to visit a particular place.

1. Avantipur Temple

If you’ve been a history lover throughout, you must have come across the mention of the ruins of the Avantipur Temple. Built in the ninth century, visiting the Avantipur Temple is about exploring the ruins and admiring the splendid ancient architecture of the site. It has several temples within the premises, with the two most important ones dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Avantiswami) and Lord Shiva (Avantishwar).

2. Tulian Lake

For many traveling to Kashmir is scaling unusual heights. If you are one among them, you wouldn’t want to miss visiting Tulian Lake at a whopping 12,000 feet above sea level. And that is precisely the factor that makes Tulian an offbeat destination in Pahalgam. Hire a pony to ride for the first few kilometers and then gear up for a trek to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and serenity of the lake.

3. Kolahoi Glacier

Famous among trekkers, Kolahoi Glacier is a hanging glacier that epitomizes natural beauty and a pristine surrounding to let you plug into yourself and spend some lovely and exclusive moments with yourself. Rest, you may visit the place and experience its glory yourself. Catch the glimpse of the glacier from a safe distance.

4. Sheshnag Lake

Not exactly offbeat, but a different place worth visiting in Pahalgam is Sheshnag Lake. The glacial lake is nestled between the massive snow-laden mountains and wonderful alpine meadows. Sheshnag Lake is situated 23 kilometers from Pahalgam and is on the route to Amarnath. Aside from that, the lake holds religious significance, as many devotees believe that Sheshnag still lives in the lake!

So, that’s pretty much about the offbeat places to visit in Pahalgam. But while heading off to these places, do not miss enjoying the mesmerizing countryside views of Pahalgam and making the most of those moments.

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