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Top 6 places in Jammu and Kashmir for Celebrating New Year’s Eve

While many prefer celebrating 31st December on the sandy beaches and cozy weather of Goa, some opt to welcome the New Year amidst Kashmir’s freezing weather. These six places offer the right options for the latter, who want to celebrate New Year in Kashmir.

6 Best Places in J&K to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Considering the freezing temperatures experienced during December, many may consider Kashmir an offbeat place. Although that’s true, offbeat places have their unique charm when it comes to spending exclusive moments and making them unforgettable. So, let’s see six such places in Kashmir that can form an excellent choice to bid 2021 adieu.

1. Srinagar

Our very own and unique Srinagar is the first place on the list. One can confidently term Srinagar one of the best places in Kashmir to celebrate New Year’s evening due to the several things that they can do in the city. Some include the tranquil Shikara ride on the Dal Lake and welcome the New Year with peace and togetherness.

Additionally, you can shop around at Lal Chowk, Boulevard Road, etc., to buy Papier Mache, Kashmiri shawls, and many other items. Furthermore, you may also visit the Jama Masjid, Hari Parbat, Hazratbal Mosque, etc., to add a spiritual flavor to your New Year celebrations.

2. Gulmarg

Gulmarg is another popular place in Kashmir to celebrate New Year’s evening. Many of Gulmarg’s hotels arrange several exciting events such as musical concerts, gala dinners, etc., to make the celebrations even more memorable. Additionally, tourists may enjoy night skiing events, DJ parties, etc. These events make Gulmarg an incredible place in Kashmir for honeymooners to romanticize the beginning of New Year.

3. Pahalgam

Featuring tall pine trees, snow-clad mountains, the wonderful Lidder River, and Betaab Valley, Pahalgam is Kashmir’s gift to the world. The place that receives heavy snowfall during December mesmerizes many with its charm and the snow-white bedsheet that the ground remains covered with throughout the month. However, ensure you book your hotel stay in advance, as many may share a thought process similar to yours!

4. Sonamarg

Kashmir’s Sonamarg turns as beautiful as Gulmarg and Pahalgam during December. The snow-capped mountains, the enthralling snowfall, buildings, and hotels covered with snow, coupled with your favorite drinks and sumptuous food, can make your New Year’s evening a unique one. However, it is each other’s company that will make your December stay in Sonamarg a more worthwhile one.

5. Kargil

You weren’t expecting Kargil, were you? But you may consider stopping in Kargil, especially if you are on your way to Leh. Kargil is best known for being the war-ground during the Kargil War 1999 between India and Pakistan. So, you don’t necessarily have to spend 31st December amidst crackers, music, and events. You can spend some time within the tall mountains of Kargil, pay homage to our soldiers who lost lives during the war while remembering their valor.

6. Jammu

Jammu is another place to celebrate New Year’s evening in J&K. The city has become a bustling tourist center with several festive activities happening throughout the city. Events include festive dinners, music concerts, etc. Every hotel has an exclusive New Year bash, which you book in advance and reserve your seat to experience the magic of New Year’s evening amidst the cold weather of Jammu. Or else, you may opt to take a stroll through Jammu’s streets to experience the excitement.

So, that was about six places in J&K to celebrate New Year. We hope you could get some idea about where to visit in J&K to enjoy the exuberance of New Year’s evening. Nevertheless, ensure you take the necessary winter precautions before traveling to Kashmir to keep yourself warm amidst extreme cold weather. Your travel agent can help you in this regard. We wish you a Happy New Year in advance!

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