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Top 7 Adventure Activities in Pahalgam and Sonmarg

Pahalgam and Sonmarg in Kashmir don’t need an introduction; however, is it only the unique beauty of these places that defines them? No. Pahalgam and Sonmarg offer a broad array of adventure activities that speak volumes about the significance of these places on the tourist map of Kashmir. Accordingly, let’s look at some of the adventure activities you may do in Pahalgam and Sonmarg.

Top 7 Adventure Activities to do in Pahalgam and Sonmarg

From scaling heights and exploring trails to skiing and camping, Pahalgam and Sonmarg are two of the most exciting places in Kashmir to indulge in various adventure activities.

1. Trekking

Pahalgam: Let’s start with Pahalgam and see what the place has to offer when it comes to trekking. Pahalgam offers thrilling treks across popular trails such as Sheshnag Lake, Kolahoi Glacier, Amarnath Holy Cave, etc. The highlight among these is the Kolahoi Glacier situated at a staggering 18,000 feet! Trekking in Pahalgam may feature slippery terrains, rocky slopes, coupled with the fresh green meadows that leave you spellbound.

Sonmarg: Sonmarg’s trekking route also leads to the tranquil Amarnath Caves. Sonmarg is the base of popular treks that pass through mountain lakes such as Kishansar, Gangabal, Satsar, and others.

2. Whitewater Rafting

Pahalgam: In Pahalgam, the Aru branch of the Lidder River is famous for white water rafting. Adventure junkies may choose to hire a raft and cut their way through crystal clear water of the river flowing through Aru.

Sonmarg: Sonmarg’s whitewater rafting is enjoyed on the Indus River. The dense forests that surround the river slope usher an adrenaline feeling, describing which is beyond words.

3. Adventure Camping

While in Sonmarg, you can set a camp on the riverside and immerse in the majestic views of the surrounding mountains and the soothing sound of the perennially flowing river water.

However, ensure you get camping equipment from Srinagar, as you wouldn’t get it in Sonmarg. Besides, you must remain extra careful while camping at night or while walking around in the dark, as the riverside site would be surrounded by dense forests.

4. Skiing in Sonmarg

Skiing excites many, and Sonmarg is one of the various places in Kashmir to enjoy skiing during winter. Winter is when Mother Nature lays a thick carpet of snow on the surrounding mountains. In addition to the snow, the clear blue sky and the sparkling glaciers of this exceptionally beautiful place make skiing even more enthralling and worthwhile. However, skiing in Sonmarg is better suited to experienced skiers. You may also enjoy snowball fights and making snowballs to make the tour even more memorable.

5. Sledging in Sonmarg

Another popular adventure activity you may enjoy in Sonmarg is sledging or sledding. The place’s most prominent attraction is the Thajiwas Glacier. You may walk up the glacier and hire sleds to slide down the snow mountain while enjoying the spectacular view of the valley. However, ensure you bargain while hiring the sled, as the rent is very likely to be on the higher side. Negotiate a bit for the heavenly experience ahead!

6. Zorbing in Pahalgam

Baisaran, at six kilometers from Pahalgam, is a fantastic place for people to enjoy zorbing. The extensively spread grasslands give people an opportunity to enjoy zorbing wholeheartedly!

7. Golfing and Trout Fishing

Yes. Wait. We know golfing and trout fishing aren’t adventure activities. But if adventure isn’t everything for you, you may consider spending some peaceful moments testing your golfing skills and sit by the Vishansar Lake in Sonmarg to get a good trout fish catch. Pahalgam’s premium golf course is a visual treat as exciting as a golfing playground. It is situated at a high altitude and surrounded by massive mountains.

Trout fishing at either Pahalgam or Sonmarg can prove a serene experience where you relax, sit patiently while peacefully listening to nature’s sound, and resonate with the chirping sound of birds. But what do you do about the fish you catch? You can give it to the kitchen where you are staying to cook.

So, that’s about the top six adventure activities you may do in Sonmarg and Pahalgam. We wish you a superb trip to Kashmir!

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