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Azra Shakeel – A Profound Writer from Shopian District, J&K

Some writers not only brew words but express emotions in a way that resonates with readers and connects with their hearts. 20-year-old Azra Shakeel is one such soulful author and poet from Kashmir. She is a writer who sincerely believes in the enlightening power of words and their capability to change lives. Let’s look at Azra’s works that make her a famous writer across the valley.

About Azra Shakeel

Azra Shakeel is a law student. She was born in a middle-class family in the Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir. Azra completed her schooling at the SDPS school in Shopian. After 12th, she qualified in an entrance examination conducted by the Kashmir University for Law. Azra had her share of struggles and hardships in life. However, challenges have only strengthened this young lady from Kashmir. They helped her evolve and become more expressive as a writer.

Azra’s Writings

Azra’s first book was Spirits of Epione. The book is a collection of poems that revolve around colorful shades of romantic life, downfalls, and the misery setbacks that are part of everyone’s lives. Apart from books, Azra writes for various magazines and newspapers. Her writings have been appreciated by many scholars and professionals.

Writing for Peace

One of the most significant aspects of Azra is that she doesn’t write for fame. She writes because she loves to do it and finds solace in it. Besides, she writes for people experiencing an emotional low. She believes her writings will change herself and the environment around her. She also trusts, her writeups will foster happiness and make a positive difference in someone’s life. Azra aspires to peace and success. She is thankful to her parents, teachers, and friends, who have always encouraged her to do good in life.

Azra is Azra’s Inspiration!

Azra Mufti, a prolific writer from Kashmir is Azra Shakeel’s inspiration. Mufti is the author of two books, Tearful Pages and Shattered Dreams. While the former talks about crimes against women, the latter is a fiction novel and concerns the young generation of the valley. Mufti is also a significant contributor across the social space. She is the first Kashmiri lady to have written a book on mental illness. That makes Azra Mufti an inspiration for many other aspiring writers from Jammu and Kashmir and not just Azra Shakeel alone.

Azra is an Inspiration for Many!

The young lady from Kashmir has become an inspiration for many with her writings and a socially inclined approach. She has come a long way in life and has set an example of success through persistence. However, a lot is yet to be written and expressed. We hope Azra continues writing, earns recognition, and enhances the life of the people around her.

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